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Memorial created 01-19-2013 by
Lisa Bradshaw
March 10 2009 - January 17 2013

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01-19-2013 12:32 PM -- By: Mommy,  From: home  

I don't understand why you went away, why you disappeared, why you went missing.  You never strayed too far from me, you were always right by my side.  I am so sorry if something awful happened to you, it isn't fair, you are the sweetest soul around and didn't deserve to leave this world so soon, especially if it was in a violent manner.  I pray you didn't suffer, I pray you were never cold or hungry and that you always know I love you!  But,  I will never understand why.  

I feel so much guilt.  What if you are still out there and I have sent you over the rainbow bridge in my mind but you still need me.  So many unwanted kitties, all I want is one very special one back home.  But that will never happen and my heart is broken, my soul is empty, all I do is cry.  Why my precious Diesel D?  

I love you Diesel, so very very much and I don't know how to let go.   I want us both together or I want us both free from pain, but this limbo place is no fun for either of us.

Blessed Be Diesel D


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