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September 17 2014

In loving memory of our bow who we love so much. Bow will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. bow a loving rabbit unexepectedly pass over to rainbow bridge today, she passed over at 4.00, it was a fast illness and it was underlying as it did not show the outcome of the underlying disorders she had , it has a been a sad loss, her memories will linger forever , she as a wonderful girl, very feisty but she was a beuitiful doe, I bought her at Christmas 5 yrs ago, she was a orphan and very small she had beautiful long ears and a little long face, she was very dominand and would of mage a good mother to her kits bow had a major operastion 3 yrs ago to save her life from a hernia, she was also spayed, but that had to be done because of her life threatening operation, she had a tube put in front to pass water ect, she was well care for but contracted a neurological desease and her head was tilting right round she also developed a stroke and hobbled along this afternoon before she died and her legs werfe spread out she had maggit around her back part but had not signs of fly strike the vet said it came from the brain this parasectic desease she had become ill suddenly and it was best to let her go


bow had been well cared for I spent 6 hrs or more aday maintaining here care, I have snowy left a little neverland dwawf shes nearly 10 and I have peanut the guinea whos 5 and popcorn 9 months old hes a guinea also bows missing has been a great shock to me, I canot replace her,time may mend a broken heart but memories will live forever loving you always bow reunight with Charlie who passed oct 1st last year wendy and family xxxxxxx


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