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I will always love you, babes. Your best friend, Jen

Memorial created 09-23-2015 by
Jenny Petricek
May 0 2008 - December 23 2014

She was beautiful, serene, happy...and my best friend.

Kirby adored people, and was never shy or skittish around them. When anyone approached, she raised her head and wanted to be noticed and acknowledged. 

She enjoyed nothing more than to cuddle with me. We did this every day, and I will never forget the sweet little cooing noises she made when she was relaxing, and the way she "pancaked" so comfortably. She also liked lying in the sun, spending time on the patio in warm weather, listening to music, and most of all, ringing a bell that was hanging in her cage.

She had many guinea pig friends over the years, including her roommates Lucy and Baylee, and her male admirers Bandit and Gizmo. She especially loved Giz because he was quiet and calm just as she was.  

Believe it or not, Kirby was also well-loved by dogs. In 2013 an ebullient Boston terrier puppy named Nibbles joined the family, and from her first day at the house, we taught her that she needed to treat Kirby with the utmost of respect. Nibbles loved licking Kirby, and for the most part, Kirby liked it; if she felt Nibs was getting too rough, she'd turn and give her a gentle warning nip on the cheek. The neighbors' full-grown chocolate lab was also a fan of Kirbs, and gave her gentle kisses whenever she came over to say hello. 

I miss you so much, babes. Love you! 


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