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Memorial created 11-26-2015 by
Sian Hu
November 25 2007 - November 23 2015

In loving memory of our precious, sweet and cute girl, Happy Hu, who we loved so much. We were never ready for this day, but at the night of November 22, lying on the bed in the ICU, you stared at us with wide opened eyes to tell us that you were ready to go. Our hearts were broken at that moment. Our sadness began three weeks ago when you were diagnosed with stage 4 CRF and the treatments began. In the vet clinic and hospital, you did so well, you were happy and friendly as always with everyone you met; and making us so proud to have such a wonderful girl in our life. On the day before your last day, you amazingly went out to the backyard to use bathroom for the last time even you could hardly walk by yourself. Since you left us, every time we come back home, not seeing you wagging your tale there to welcome us makes us cry. So many tears have been cried for you in the last few days. The home without you is awfully quiet and empty. We miss you badly. You sure miss us too up there, don't you Happy? You were an abundance of love and joy for us. We was so lucky to be your human mum, dad, sisters. Our beloved dog, Happy, you will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


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