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Memorial created 02-1-2016 by
Sonia Tressler
April 14 1995 - January 16 2016

In loving memory of our Magill who we love so much. Magill will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

My beautiful, sweet Magill found me when I was camping in July of 1995.  She just walked up to me, meowed hungrily, and I was smitten with that kitten.  She was obviously a stray or not well taken care of, so I fed her and gave her a warm, safe place to sleep that night.  The next morning I carried her all over the campground to see if she belonged to anyone, and was thrilled that nobody claimed her.  Over the next 20 1/2 years, she stuck by me through several moves, much heartache, joyful times, and kept me company when I was alone for so many years.  She was the best friend anyone could hope for, and I always told her she was the best cat that ever lived in the universe.  She always tried to be so good, and was very loving and sweet.  Her fur was so soft all of her life.  I just loved holding her and petting her.  We had a special bond.  As she got older I did everything I could to keep her going comfortably as long as possible.  From brushing her teeth to giving her thyroid and heart medicine to syringe feeing and even IV fluids those last couple of months, I know I did everything I could to help her.  She let me do all those things because she knew it was to help her.  I will be forever grateful that she chose me out of all those people at the campground that day to be her mother.  It was an honor and a privilege to be her mommy, and I will always have a hole in my heart and miss her so much.  We had to say goodbye to her on Saturday, January 16, 2016.  Her presence and energy are greatly missed.

Mommy and Magill
Beautiful Magill

Today it is one year since I had to say goodbye to my sweet Magill. I know she is happier now, and I can see her jumping, running, and playing and waiting for me by the Rainbow Bridge. She is always in my heart, and I will forever be grateful for all the wonderful years we shared together. What a great gift she was and is in my life. I wrote a little song about her, Little Meow, that I am attaching. That's what we called her sometimes. Thank you, Magill, for choosing me to be your mother. It was truly an honor.


She loved sitting by the heater next to me while I was working in the basement. 


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