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Karen Torres
Lucy Abigail Torres
May 28 2006 - March 5 2016

Lucy Torres

Beloved beagle Lucy Abigail Torres (aka “LuLu,” “Lil’ Momma,” “Lil’ Lover,” and “The Shark”) of Erie crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to her eternal pet paradise on Saturday morning, March 5, 2016. She was 9 years old.

Lucy was born on May 28, 2006, at Club Pet Adoption in Transfer, Pennsylvania, where she was lovingly adopted by her parents Julian and Karen Torres. Lucy was truly one of a kind, immediately standing out from her brothers and sisters by climbing on the roof of a plastic play igloo, wagging her tail and barking. It was love at first sight.

Lucy enjoyed chasing after bunnies and tracking animals in her backyard; she happily slept under the shade of the trees during the summer and enjoyed rolling around in the grass and hiding her bones.

To those who knew her best, she was also a master at breaking into the refrigerator and raiding it, once eating all the Thanksgiving leftovers, a container of sour cream and a stick of butter, earning her the nickname, “The Shark.”

For many years until her illness, “Lucy Beagle” attended Peninsula Pups Doggie Daycare, where she celebrated many birthdays and enjoyed the canine companionship of her fellow pup friends Chester Corgi, Cooper Pooper, Steve, Caera Knightley, Pierogi and Harvey. She led a very happy and fulfilling life. 

In her final days, Lucy enjoyed the peace and comfort of her home where she was pampered by her family and friends. She passed away peacefully surrounded by them and her longtime and caring vet staff at The Animal Clinic.

Lucy is survived by her parents, her younger human siblings Caroline and Justin, and her older turtle brother Oscar “el Toro” Torres. She will be laid to rest under her favorite tree in their backyard.

The Torres family with Lucy girl

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