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Memorial created 03-15-2016 by
Rich Meyers
October 19 2002 - February 14 2016

Ace at 6 months old April 2003

In loving memory of our Ace who we love and miss so much. Ace will be in our hearts forever and we know we will see him again in Jesus's kingdom where there will be no more sickness or tears.   Ace came to us in January 2 2003 I will never forget the day I saw him when I stopped at the pet store to pick him up.  The previous dog we purchased there for Christmas only lived a few days and Ace was the replacement sight unseen.  He came from a breeder in Nebraska and was flown to Foglesville Pennsylvania.  You were  a scared sick "kennel cough" little guy.  After several vet appointments you were healthy and we learned what it was to raise and love a weimaraner.  A special dog who went on vacations with us took apx 360 walks a year not counting the three times a day your first year because of all your energy.  The way you would chase the baseballs I threw for hours.  Your intelligence was second to none.  The way you were so gentle with children and small dogs.  The way you would follow me all over the house and so many other special traits that you had.  It has been over 4 weeks now and I have shead tears everyday since you passed.  I miss you terribly.



I will always remember and treasure the day you chose me to be yours. I was one of the many pets you came to see and I hoped I was making a good impression. I was so elated when you selected me to share your home and heart. I knew from that very moment on, I was so lucky to be owned by you.
While I was growing every day, maturing little by little- you fed watered trained me. I loved it when you shared your precious time playing with me. I eagerly anticipated each morning when I licked your face. It was my desire to awaken you before that dreadful alarm clock would rudely rouse you from sleep. I felt it was my duty because I was so lucky to be owned by you.
I made my share of mistakes. There were times I erred on your carpet. There were moments when the "animal beast" buried deep in me somehow encouraged a little destruction of the furniture. I'm sorry. You scolded me. You understood and forgave me. Could you see the devotion to our home? I was so lucky to be owned by you.
I wondered why you took me on those visits to see the veterinarian. I never fully understood those examinations, vaccinations, blood tests done to check for heart worms or fecal tests that always seemed to be necessary. You knew what was best for me and I learned to trust your judgment. I couldn't remember much about what occurred during my spaying surgical visit but somehow I came to realize you left me there because you respected me and wanted to ease the animal kingdom's vast overpopulation problem. I was so lucky to be owned by you.
The days you called holidays were always such fun. Presents for everyone in our family- even me! How did you ever guess those toys and treats were just what I wanted? After the visitors left our home, could you feel my love as I sat by your side?
I was so lucky to be owned by you.
These days, I haven't felt as well as I used to in my prior days. My bones are quite stiff and sore. The pills you gave me helped for awhile but my time here with you is drawing to an end. It's extremely hard to walk and I long for my rest. As we ride to the vet hospital, one final time, I see your tears and oh, how deeply I feel your love. It was such a wonderful life here with you. Remember me and know that when you pass your love onto another pet, you honor my memory. I want you to be as happy as you have made me.
I am sending you a final message as I look up at you with my big beautiful eyes and lick your hand for the last time. Thank you for everything. I love you.
I was so blessed to be owned by you.
Ace at 10 months old
Ace at 3 months old
Ace's last birthday 10 19 2015 with Mink

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