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Memorial created 04-4-2016 by
Tiffany Cauthen
Boris Karloff Cauthen
December 0 2001 - April 1 2016

In loving memory of our Boris Karloff Cauthen who we love so much. Boris Karloff Cauthen will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

i saw Boris for the first time at the Jax Humane society. he caught my eye due to his unusul looks despite the fact that we were there for another dog. when that adoption fell through, i asked my husband to go back and check on him. he sid he had been dopted, which he had, but Jack never actually sked. s we went back looking for another dog.

Boris was there waiting for me. it turned out he had been adopted, but the woman had brought him back the next day because she couldn't afford him. so the little basset chow mix with the crooked leg came home with us that day and stayed with us for the next twelve years.

he affected me more than i had realized until he was gone. he was always there, sitting by the door waiting for me when i got home, waiting in the bedroom for me to get up, even sitting by my side when i meditated and lying on my mat when i was doing yoga.

the morning he died, i felt soemthing was wrong with him. he wouldn't get up to get his food like usual, or follow me out from the bedroom. we tried to get him to stand, but figured mybe he was just tired. after we went to the living room, he came trotting out, a smile on his face. he lid down by the back door then and didn't get back up. 

i hugged him, told him i loved him, told him to be a good boy then went off to work after arranging forsomeone to check in on him, thinking he was sick.

he passed sometime tht morning before my brother-in-klaw could check on him. i hope he knows how much i loved him, how much we all loved him.

i can't imagine how life will be without him and i never want to think about what my life would have been if i had never found him.


 Bela keeps looking for him where he used to lay in the bedroom. and when she barks, she waits for him to bark too. they never really seemed to get long but how do you live for so long with someone and not care about them?

the sad thing is, whenever she barks, i think i can hear him chiming in too. makes me cry every time. we both keep waiting for him to come home.


 I woke up this morning and thought I saw him laying in the bathroom door like always. Cried on the way to work. He was always there in the morning, waiting for me. Now there's just an empty spot where he used to lay.

I've been carrying a stone heart and a Dalmatian stone in my pockets. They were his, I bought them to leave in his bed to help with his hip pain. Now I hope they will help with my pain.

Then I got to work and heard a call about calling animal control for a stray hey had found. I went up to see the dog and he looks so much like you in the body and how he wags his tail, just like you when you were younger. I'm not sure if he will stay with us or if his family will come for him, but for now looking at him reminds me of the times I had with you when you were a young dog. I like to think you sent him to me so that I could smile again. At least for a little while. Nothing can completely heal the pain I feel right now, losing you, Boris, but I hope you sent him so I could at least remember all the good despite the tears 



 Tomorrow will be one week since Boris left me. The new puppy we took in reminds me so much of him it hurts sometimes. I don't know how I'll be able to handle it but I am going to try to get through the day without crying too much. We should get the ashes tomorrow as well. His urn came in today and it reminds me if him, simple, not showy, sleek and black. We didn't know his birthday so all we could put was the date of his passing.

Boris, wherever you are, I hope you are ok and at peace. I miss you everyday.


 Thus morning was hard. All the memories of last week came back. Fortunately, the new pup you sent helped distract me a little. Then this afternoon, there was a rainbow on the wall where there had never been one before and I couldn't find where it was coming from. The your Dalmatian gemstone fell out of my pocket and I didn't notice it for a few minutes. I still had your heart gemstone but losing it didn't hurt as much (although I found it later). Yesterday's prayer focused on the tainbow of the Buddhas leading the soul to Nirvana. I can only hope this was a sign that maybe your soul is at peace, either at the rainbow bridge or beyond. One day I hope we will see each other again but my heart hurts a little less knowing that you are truly at peace.

I love you so much, and even though I will always miss you maybe one day I can stop mourning and just remember



 It's been one year. I still cry when I think of you. I wanted to post a few days ago but couldn't bring myself to do it. Even now I'm tearing up. Your little brother does his best to make me smile and Bela has been laying in your spot on the bed. She still misses you I think. Vincent doesn't know why I cry but he's so happy we adopted him. In a strange way, by you leaving, you saved him. I hope you know that, and I love you. 


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