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Memorial created 04-7-2016 by
Julia Kowalski
July 22 2001 - April 6 2016

In loving memory of our Juliette who we love so much. Juliette will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.


Juliette came into our lives July of 2009. I adopted her after her previous owner could no longer care for her. I instantly fell in love with her. We became best friends and were inseperable. She was my whole world. I wasnt sure how Gus was going to react to having another dog in our home but I knew he needed a companion. It took a bit for both to get used to eachother. But they quickly became best buds. Gus passed in 2010 which did not give them much time together but the time they did have was magical. My life was turned upside down at that point.


It took a long time to heal and think about if I should get another dog. I knew I was missing something. Then we adopted Glacier. Oh what a character. I knew my Gus had sent him to me because they really do have the same characteristics in so many ways. It took Juliette a while to warm up to him and after a few fights here and there, torn up toys between the two and stare downs. They also became best friends. They loved eachother so much.


6 months ago I could tell Juliette was slowing down a bit. Getting in and out of the car was getting harder, and her rear legs were getting weaker. Vet visits became more frequent. I did my very best to keep her comfortable. She would have her good and bad days but she was always so excited to see me walk thru the door. She still loved her walks even though they were shorter. We went on a lot of car rides some of which turned into road trips. Doggy cups at Dairy Queen, peanut butter cookies which were her favorite, etc. the list goes on and on.



Fast forwarding as this is making the tears flow, Wednesday April 6th 2016 is when my heart was torn to pieces. She had collapsed without any known cause. I let her rest and each time she tried to stand up she collpased again. I knew a visit to the Vet was needed. I knew something was very wrong. The inital visit went ok. But the vet said there is a good chance she suffered a stroke as she had all the symptoms. I took her home shortly after praying she would come out of this. She wouldnt eat or drink and went potty where she was laying. She did not look like herself at all. Her eyes told me it was time.



I had already prepared myself for this for a while but never in a million years would I have thought it would happen so sudden. I took her back to the vet and helped her cross over the rainbow bridge. I held my baby girl in my arms until the very end, and even after I continued to hold her kissing her and telling her how much I love her.


I did everything in my power to keep her safe happy and healthy. I felt her saying to me , Mommy its ok. I'm going home now and will see you soon.


My sweet Juliette, you were and will always be my baby girl, my silly girl, my ALL.


Until we meet again never to part. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



My sweet baby girl,

You gave me such joy each and every day. You were my silly girl!! I hope you know that I did my very best to keep you safe, happy and healthy. Whatever you needed I made sure you had it.

I miss you terribly and will always love you until we meet again. Run free my sweet girl.




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