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Memorial created 04-15-2016 by
Joseph Shubert
November 24 2007 - April 15 2016

Triever happy as always

Triever, how do I try to say “Goodbye” to you, knowing that you are only 8 years old. I am not and never will and you will see why at the end of this eulogy. Your loss was so sudden and I am saddened. I hope that your big brother JD welcomed you home to Rainbow Bridge with open arms. I never thought that I would be writing this to you today, reading and thinking about “what was” and not “what is going to be”. I wish so much that you didn’t go and I really hope you didn’t suffer in passing. I thank you for being in front of my door so that I would be one that found you because you are my baby. I feel it was your way of showing how much you loved me. All the memories we shared together will always be cherished. I know how much you loved the sun and to “sun tan”. You loved to be outside in general, whether in the garage or the back porch. Your favorite place, the garage was your second home to you. I want to dedicate it to you because you deserve it. As I write this coming back from taking you to your new home and resting place, I am devastated. I know that you didn’t want to go. You know you were and always be loved, cared for and pampered by your family. I will miss everything from seeing on the kitchen floor, grandpa’s bed, the hall and everywhere you were. I am still not over or even close to accepting your big brother JD’s passing, but your passing is even worse being it is unknown what happened. I wonder why you had to go to Rainbow Bridge so young. I will never know why! One thing for certain is that I will always remember you dearly, love you always, visit you always with your big brother and think about you. I sit her crying thinking that I miss hear your bark to tell us you want something; either to go out, want to eat or want a treat, your favorite dental stix. You were always afraid of passing objects because that was your personality and we never knew why. Thinking back of how much you were a great companion, best friend; loyal, strong, cuddly. I will always remember those qualities about you and all the memories together. Your little sisters are really going to miss you, because you protected them. Your little sister Cali, the kitten that you found is really going to be sad. You made sure that they got great home and they did, Cali who came to live with us. You shared a special bond from the day you met. We always called you at night and even sometimes during the day “Come on Trievie, come get Cali”. You would always come up and she would come right out. You were always her rock and will always be. If it had not been for you, her and her sister might not be here today. She always rubbed on you and wouldn’t let you come up the stairs until you gave her a kiss. Princess your little white snowflake is your first love and you always protected her, like running after her when she runs down the back stairs so she wouldn’t get here or run away. Princess was mad at you when you come home with us at first, but you grew up together. If you look at the photos I am sending with you, you loved to play fight. Your sisters will be always remember you and how you took care of them and playing with them. I hope that you watch over them always and forever like I always asked and wrote your big brother JD! It’s difficult to think that at dinner time we won’t be able to feed you your gourmet roast beef with your doggie food, which you loved so dearly. You were always high class, wanting the best of everything like your big brother, because you are family. Family looks out for one another and that is what you always received. You were a friend, companion when someone was sick. You could tell when someone was sick or something wasn’t right you had the sense. I am taking your passing terribly. I look for you all the time since you left, trying to find where you are. I think you are in bed, on the 2nd floor landing , the kitchen or downstairs hall. It brings me to tears to think that you are not here. I am so devastated like I have said before. I don’t when or if I will ever feel the same without you or even a bit comforted but you are always on my mind; day and night. I don’t know what today is going to be like, but I want to make sure that everything is right. I am going to give you your favorite blue and white ball, your blanket; which I will take a piece for memories and all the photos I want you to keep to remember us by. It shows us and also how loved to pose for photos. You will be truly missed, loved and remembered. I will never forgot, stop loving, or get over you! I want the best for you, so make sure you spend every bit of time at the bridge friending everyone at Rainbow Bridge, and find your big brother JD. Always spend time with him because he is a great best friend also and will take care of you. As I close, I wanted to quote from my country song that happened to play on your final car ride to Plymouth “You should be here, standing with your arm around me here.” as you did many of times. You actually did this most recently, putting your paw around me to comfortable me. I am not going to say “Goodbye” but I will say “I will see you again, when we meet together remember me as I will remember you.” To end, again please remember that I am not going to say “Goodbye” but it’s “I’ll meet you on the other side when the time’s right. Will you remember me? I know so!” Love Always with all my heart, Your Daddy Joe


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