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Memorial created 05-21-2016 by
Bob Dougan
March 3 2009 - February 15 2016

In loving memory of our Scout who we love so much. Scout will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever. Scout came into this world on the 3rd day of March in 2009. Looking back that was a really nice sunny day. Scout entered our life on the 26th day July 2009 and like the day she was born it was a wonderful sunny day. In the 6 years, 10 months, 15 days she lived shared her life with us she would express her love and affection each and every day. Her life was much shorter than I would have ever imagined. We got her about 6 months after we lost Barbra. Scout what a wonderful little girl she was. She became my wife’s pride and joy from the day we took her home. She was named after that little girl in the movie To Kill a Mocking Bird. Scout was always with my wife. They were inseparable. Scout very quickly became the queen of the house. It didn’t take long before each night as we would sit down for supper we would set 3 plates for food. As I would cook supper Scout would be in her chair at the dinner table and wait ever so patiently for dinner to be ready. I would always make something special for Scout to eat as we would have our supper. I remember she had her favorite toy to play with. It was just a few straps of leather attached to a wand. She just loved to play with that toy. Eventually it just plain wore out and we searched and searched and finally found one on the internet. Well we ordered it and when it arrived and we opened the package I just could not believe what I saw. Scout was so excited and so happy with her new toy. She would play with it for hours every day. There were times when she would find her toy and bring it out and then make her mew mew sound just so we would make it move so she could chase it and play with it. Going back in time after we brought Scout home our other Abby was around 15 years old and really didn’t want to play so we decided to go to the shelter and get another (rescue) kitten. Well we ended up getting 2 they were brother and sister. Well Scout mothered those 2 kittens as if they were her own. Scout just loved them so much. As they all grew older they remained the best of friends. Although Scout was never a lap cat she was a lover girl. I always called her Scoutie girl. She always had this habit of not coming out from where she was hiding when we called her but if I would get the jar of kitty treats and just open the container she would always come running. Scout loved to be combed in the morning. She would jump up on the bathroom sink and just wait for the comb. Once in a while we would walk out and forget to comb her and she would just sit on the sink sometimes for an hour just waiting to be combed. Even though she was an indoor kitty she did get a lot of exercise as she would run as fast as she could from one end of the house to the other and back again. She really liked to run and climb the kitty towers we have in the house. All of a sudden one day she decided she did not want to run or have supper with us and she refused the kitty treats. That day I just thought she was in a bad mood. Even the next day she still refused to eat. We took her to the Vet only to find out that her kidney had shut down. She was 2 weeks shy of being only 8 years old. She had fluids injected and we had medications to help her with her problem and to try to get her to eat. All failed. Sadly in the days to come she got weaker and weaker. Her blood test reviled that everything to do with her kidney was so high it was off the scale. We tried and tried but her body had failed her. We said our good bye to her and we decided to put an end to her suffering. It was one of the hardest things a person will have to do. Scout passed really calm. Now all of her pain and suffering is over and she is on her way to meet Mary and Barbra. Sometimes I wonder why things happen the way they do. After all just 2 weeks ago Scout was running all over the house and playing and being oh so happy then all of a sudden something like this happens and she was just almost only 8 years old and in my mind she had oh so much longer to live. I am so hear broken. When I am alone I find myself crying. I try to be a tough guy but there is something about Scout and I start crying. Why did this have to happen? The hardest thing I have had to do was to dig yet another grave. I buried Scout next to Mary who we lost just 91 days earlier. Life can be so cruel. I am crying my eyes out as I sit here and reflect and remember all of the wonderful days I had with Scout and how much fun we had together. Even though she was my wife’s kitty I know Scout really loved me too and I miss her so much. Somebody once said time will heal all wounds but I wonder when they said that did they lose something as precious as a girl named Scout. Scout I will miss you and you will always be in my memories. There is something that I always have said “as long as I hold you memory close to your heart you will always be with me” and Scout you will always be close to my heart.


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