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Memorial created 06-2-2016 by
Darlene Marie Yeates
October 15 1995 - May 26 2016

In loving memory of our Blue who I love so much. Blue will be greatly missed and be in my heart forever.

I remember the day I got you.  I went into PetsMart to get some food for Carney.  One of the adoption agencies was there and they had picked you and your sibling up on the side of the road on their way.   You both were identical and full of fleas.  Your eyes were as Blue as the sky.  Even bluer.  I pointed to you and said I'll take him.  You were so tiny and had been abandoned.  But not any more!  I had been searching for a white kitten.  I'm not sure what possessed me to take you home but I am sure glad I did.  I gave you a flea bath and that's when Carney figured I had brought another into her territory.  She was 6 months then.  But the two of you become friends and she tolerated you.  You were a comical one and made me laugh.  Then when you were 10, you were diagnosed with diabetes, ended up in ICU, but you pulled through.  I asked Jesus to give me the chance to take care of you and He did.  You were dying and in the hospital for an unusually long time.  I learned about diabetes quickly and thoroughly.  Learned to give you shots, check your BG.  And you always knew when it was shot time.  You NEVER fought me on any of that.  You always did what I wanted you to do.  Oh expect for the yowling part.  As Kevin, put it, you sound like a heavy metal singer.  You moved with me every where I went.  Traveling by car thousands of miles.  And by plane.  You always wanted to be with me.  All the time.  You are definitely a mama's boy.  You are an angel Blue.

On May 26, 2016 you got your wings at 3 p.m..  And well deserved!  You are the most loving cat ever. I miss you something terrible and still expect you to be trailing behind me everywhere I go in the house.  I have not been alone in 21 years and it feels so lifeless and empty here.  I can't stand to go home.  You're not here to bug me and wait for me to go to our room.  You always wanted me in our bedroom.  Our last day together was so peaceful.  You layed on my chest and purred.  I couldn't let you suffer.  I wrapped you in a plush red blanket and we walked to the vet.  This time was different than it was with Carn.  Hers was so sudden and unexpected.  With you I was prepared for you to go at a very old age.  But God help me, I miss you soooo much.  You are everywhere in here.  I look for you.  I hear you.  I only want to feel you.  Is this what it's like when you lose your love?  I would say so.  You are my love.  You are love.  I am blessed to have had an angel like you in my life.  The bond we had was special and very strong.  I have this empty feeling inside.  What am I going to do without you?  I lived for you.  My life was around you and caring for you. Blue I love you with every cell in my body.  You were the one constant in my life for 20 years and 7 months.  You and Carn.  You were both the best pets I could ask for.



 Two sun worshippers on our deck in NH 2013


 Checking out the property in NH 2013


 On the couch in NH 2014


 Hotel in Indiana 2015


 Curled up on the bed California 2015


 My attempt to give you wings. Blue ones no less.  Need to work on it.


 You and Carn at the apartment in Tamworth NH


 On top of couch at our home in Tamworth NH 2014


 Yellowstone National Park 2015.

This was a very long road trip for us.  On the road for a month sightseeing clear across the U.S. East coast to West coast.


 Arri coming to curl up in your kennel with you.  You two were awesome on this trip.  I didn't have to keep you locked up.  So well behaved.


 Our last Christmas together.  California 2015


 Your BG got way too low and I nearly lost you in Montana.  You are resting next to me after your low BG episode.


 Just new to California here.


 Our last day together.  Comforting you as you relax in my arms.  I know you didn't feel good.  Couldn't let you suffer sweetie.


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