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Memorial created 08-4-2016 by
Jeff Cordi
June 1 2001 - July 27 2016


On Wednesday July 27, 2016, I lost my beloved cat, Streak. I still canít believe it. She was an older cat turning 15 in June but she seemed in good health. She had a veterinarian check up in April and all was fine. But then a few weeks ago she stopped eating normally. I bought a different cat food thinking perhaps she tired of the old one. Sure enough she ate the new food but only for a short whileÖ


Streak looking out the window

Streak started living with me back in early 2006. I had fed neighborhood strays but I never had a cat for which I was responsible. Actually I wasnít supposed to have a cat at the place I was renting at the time, but Streak needed a place to go and I wasnít going to turn her away. So I brought her home . When Streak came to live with me I was feeding a very nice, long hair grey stray cat I called Fuzzy.


Streak and Fuzzy

Not too long after Streak moved in she managed to slip out the door without me noticing. I looked throughout the apartment for her but couldnít find her. I searched outside all through the neighborhood but couldnít find her. Fuzzy would accompany me. There was a vacant house next door with a missing basement window that was covered with a board. The board had fallen down and Fuzzy would go inside. She tried to get me to follow her inside but I refused. Well of course Streak was in that house and Fuzzy knew it and was trying to get me to go into the house to get Streak. Only after a couple of days of not finding Streak did I consider that she could be in the vacant house. The house was for sale and I told the realtor about my missing cat. She told me to look around inside the house. I heard a slight meow upstairs in the attic. I went up there and between the rafters and floorboards I saw Streak. She wouldnít come to me so I had the realtor shine the light on her and talk to her at one end while I waited at the other end. Sure enough Streak was spooked right into my arms. I was so happy to have her back and we became very close after that incident.


Streak was a tuxedo cat, black with a white front, belly and socks and a black mustache. She had a subtle white streak of hair down her back which was her namesake. She was a shy cat, very timid but also very affectionate once she got to know you. She had a very distinctive quiet but musical meow. She would vibrate her tail when greeting you and then fall down and roll around on her back begging for a belly rub. She loved canned cat food. No matter where she was if she heard any sort of can being opened she would come running in anticipation of a tasty treat. She loved chasing the red dot of a laser pointer. That was her favorite game. She loved being brushed, especially her cheeks. If you didnít know where Streak was all you had to do was open a can of anything, click the laser pointer or run your fingers along the bristles of the cat brush and she would instantly appear ready for action.


A memory that really stands out in my mind happened one late summer evening when Streak went out onto the porch and came back in with a big green katydid in her mouth. She was so proud that she caught that katydid. It was still alive and uninjured so I put it back outside. Of course I praised Streak for her fine hunting skills.


At the end of 2006 I moved into a house that I had bought and fixed up and Streak and Fuzzy went with me. The house had hardwood floors which I refinished and they were very slippery. It was so fun watching Streak and Fuzzy running and sliding across those floors. We only lived in that house a short time because I sold it and bought another house. The latest house was in a neighborhood with many stray cats. Cats would come and go and some would have kittens. The kittens would get adopted and some adult cats as well. A couple of adult cats, Miss Motty and Cattercat had kittens but were unadoptable for a variety of reasons so they ended up staying with me after the kittens were gone. Cattercat became very fond of Streak and the two became close friends. Wherever Streak was, Catter would be close behind. A big old tom cat that lived outside (his name is O.C. for outside cat) became sick so I took him to the vet for treatment. After that he came inside so I had 5 cats. I got married in 2012 and we all moved into another house. My wife had a Boston Terrier named Ivan so we added a dog to the mix. It was crazy. In October of 2014 a skinny but very friendly long haired black cat showed up at our door. My wife fell in love with her so then we had 6 cats and a dog. It was crazier still, but a lot of fun.


Sadly Ivan got sick last August and it turned out he had cancer. He slowly declined and we had him euthanized on June 28, 2016. We had anticipated Ivanís departure from us for a long time. It was expected. Streakís illness was sudden. Cats are such stoics hiding their pain and discomfort so perhaps she had been sick for some time. Last Tuesday evening I could tell things had abruptly deteriorated so in the morning I called the vetís office. They asked if I could come at 11 and I said I could. I had some office work that needed done that day so I took Streak to work with me. Iím glad I was able to spend a couple of hours with her even though I was working. It was nice to have her with me. When it was getting close to 11 we went to the truck and drove to the vetís office.


As we waited in the examination room for the doctor, Streak stared out the window as I petted her. Her ears were turned backwards so she could hear any sound I would make. She always enjoyed looking out the window. The doctor came in and immediately could tell Streak was very sick. After examining Streak the doctor took some x rays to confirm her suspicions. She said Streak was an old cat who was suffering. I told the doctor I knew what needed to be done.


I wanted to take her home so I could spend more time with her but that would have been for me, not her. She was suffering and it was right to end that suffering. That doesnít make it less difficult. I looked into her eyes and stroked her head as the doctor prepared to inject her. Streak had such striking yellow eyes. They were beautiful. And then the life left those eyes. Iíll never forget those eyes for the rest of my life.


Itís several days later and the pain of my loss has not subsided. I know over time Iíll feel better but Iíll never forget that wonderful cat Streak who made my life so much better in so many ways. We spent over ten years together, my longest roommate to date.


Sympathy Card from Vet's Office

On a recent Saturday night we were walking and I heard some katydids calling in the trees and I remembered the time Streak caught that big green katydid. She was so proud of herself and I was proud too. Iím still proud of you Streak.


I miss you Streak.


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