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Memorial created 10-16-2016 by
Linda Duval
April 1 1974 - October 15 2016

Our Wonderful Leon

Leon was our beautiful Double Yellow Head parrot who we lost last night after 42 years. It was so very very hard to lose him.  We went to Trader Joe's today for some groceries and I started tearing up when my husband put crackers into the cart. One of Leon's favorites. He would go crazy when he heard the box being opened.  He was always a healthy bird up to about 2 months ago when he became sick. We took him to one of the best avian vets here. After dozens of tests and a blood transfusion he started to recover a little. The diagnosis however was not good. Our little guy most likely had heart issues. He was on both heart and pain medication. Last night after eating his meal we noticed that he was slumped over his food dish. We knew it wasn't good. Within an hour he died in my husband's arms. Our Leon was gone. I always thought he would outlive us. Of course I tell myself I should have been more diligent about his diet and exercise and this would not have happened. 

Leon came into our lives back in 1974 as a young bird that had just learned to perch and crack his own seed. He had the smallest patch of yellow on his head and as the years went by he had a full head of beautiful yellow feathers. He was always a happy little character who saw our other pets come and go. We had a guinea pig named Pickles about 30 years ago which would squeal when I called his name. Leon picked up on that and 30 years later still called his name.  His vocabulary was not large. (a woof whistle,a laugh “Pretty Bird”, “How are you”, “Cocktail time”, "HI Leon", “Come here”, “Pickles”,"Hello, oh hi there!", “Poor Cisco” and maybe a few more I can’t recall right now). He would also sometimes act innapropriately by laughing when someone on TV would get shot dead. At our first apartment the owner's cat would sit outside our window and meow. One day she asked if we also owned a cat because she could hear it meowing inside our apartment.  We found out that Leon could meow just like the cat outside. He loved to have his head scratched, but only when he felt like it.

As we clean out his cage and gather up all his toys, dishes and perches for donation I feel the tears run down my face. Just can’t believe he is gone. When we come home now we don’t hear that familiar squawk welcoming us back home. We don’t see or hear him begging for a bite of our peanut butter sandwich or other food.  He was a very good beggar, just as good as our dogs.

I know the pain we are feeling now will get better with time. Life goes on. Will love and remember you for always little guy.



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