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Memorial created 01-16-2017 by
Mona Cornwell
Anthony Clark Cornwell
August 15 2002 - January 14 2017

Anthony Clark

In loving memory of our Anthony Clark Cornwell who we love so much. Anthony Clark Cornwell will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

My sweet, sweet Tony, how will we get along without you.  You were a Mommy's boy and your Mom is heartbroken.  Your pain is over and I am sure your brother Nathaniel Allen was waiting to greet you at the bridge.  Tone Tone, missed your little paw, one tap on my face this morning to get your breakfast.   I will miss you following me each and every time I went to the kitchen, expecting a treat.  What will we do this spring when you are not here to sit on the deck with us, never moving off of the furniture until your are ready to go back into the house.  All of this and much, much more is why you are so loved.  All you wanted was love and so much love you gave in return.  Rest In Peace my sweet boy and never forget you are forever loved.

Happy birthday my sweet angel.  Fifteen years old today.  You were taken far too soon.  It does not seem possible that you left our family seven months ago.  I miss you so very much, as do your brothers and your Dad.  I know you can feel how loved and how heartbroken I am.  It still does not seem real to me.

Stay close to your brother Nathaniel and never forgot how much you both are loved.



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  • Nathaniel Allen -- precious brother










     Good Morning My Sweet Baby Boy,

    It has been a long and sad 14 weeks since you left us, you are missed more than you will ever know.

    I hope you and Nate are happy and know how very much you are missed.









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