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Memorial created 09-19-2011 by
Wendy O'Hare
April 30 2009 - September 15 2011

You loved to dig in the gravel.

In loving memory of our Poppet who we love so much. Poppet will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

Poppet was the most sweetest lovely pet. I miss her so much and think about her every day she meant so much to me and my family. She passed away at 2 and a half years old which is so young and made this very hard for us. She left behind Holli her friend who is now lost without her. I miss you so much little one. I broke my heart when you passed away and will never forget you.



My Little One.

 You loved to play in the garden it was your favourite place and you enjoyed playing in the garden every day. Since the day we brought you home not one day has passed when you havent been running, frolicking and digging in the garden, It wont be the same without you.


Holli (your friend)

 Holli is now very lonely and misses you so much but I dont think I could ever replace you or go through this pain again. I hope you are OK where ever you now are. Holli has not been the same since you passed away.


Helping me with the 'shredding'

 You also loved to be in the house, ripping up papers when we were doing the shredding the house isn't the same without you we all miss you so much and hope you are still with us in spirit.


Your Mam misses you so much.

 Your Mam loved you very much, you always had plenty of hugs & kisses. We think about you everyday and pray you are ok and have someone to guide you.


Sleep tight my little Angel

Poppet you brought so much joy to our lives.

You had such a short life, but a happy one.

Holli also misses you so much.

The Garden will never be the same without you.

We will never forget you.

I hope you are happy at Rainbow Bridge.



  Hope this candle will help you find your way Poppet, love you so much.


Thank You For Visiting Poppet's Page, It means a lot. xxx





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