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Memorial created 02-26-2012 by
Audrey P
June 1 2007 - January 7 2012

In loving memory of our Tesoro who we love so much. Tesoro will be greatly missed and be in our hearts forever.

First of all I will like to apology because my English is not that good.

I buy Tesoro for my partner , but after only one weet I was totally in love with her , I never have a rabbit before but because of her now I am a rabbit lover . Tesoro and I became so closeb that she used to wait by the home door to me come to work every day , she became the center of my life , even more important tham my mother , my partner or any one else in my family , when she kiss me I forget about any problem I used to has in that moment , she love to rest over me all the time , even at night when we sleep together in my bed . I buy a camera only to take pics of her ,  I buy her food even before me, her food was my biger mistake ,because I let her eat wharever she wants and she die because of that.

The day Tesoro die is and will be forever the worst day of my life ! , that morning I see diarrea all over my bed, I run with her to the vet , but nothing that they do save her, her heart  fail , and she die in my partner arms , that day I has to go to the hospital because I was not able to control my self , the following day I  tattu my arm with her pic and her name.

Some people talk me when the time past  my pain will be less , but to me every day the pain is more. Tesoro thank you for love me so much , I don't know about heaven but I wish to belived in heaven only to know that I will be with you one more time . Because of you I and a better human today . Mami will love you forever Tesoro!

This is Tesoro Memorial , I have her ashes in the litle box with the angel , I place some rabbit aro
This is the Tatu that I do in my arn , the day after Tesoro die ! with her pic and her name , Tesoro


    Tesoro my love, today like every day of my life I been missing you alot , you dont have idea how sad are my days with out you  Tesoro , I want to feel you kissing me but that imposible because you die , and I still can believed that I loss you , why ? Tesoro , why you have to go so soon ? , Tesoro you was my everything and now I can not found happines any more ! . Tesoro I want you to know that mami is go in to remember you always , I dont know how many years I will live but until my last moment your memory is go in to be present every second of my life ! You know I love you like I never love anything before , and like I never will love anything agan!. I write about you every day in face book because I want the world to know that yuo still part of my , and that you was the best pet that some one wish to have ,  and I dont care what people thing because I cry for you every day , because Tesoro only I know how especial you was , and how terrible is for me to live with out you my child!. 


This is Tesoro again with my partner Miriam


 One more day with out you ! , missing you !! feeling this terrible pain in my heart! , Tesoro I am here in your memorial today because I want you to know how much I miss you my baby girl , momi need you so much , especially after I loss Miriam , Tesoro I feel alone , and now I have Chispy but he will never be like you , you was the more special rabbit of this world , and my love for you was so big that I know that I will never fell like this for no one else ever again !!!. But I want you to know that I remember you every second , that every time I see your pic I cry like a baby , and still can wach your videos because you are alived in those videos , and I can take the idea that you die Tesoro . My princess , momi girl , rest in pace , and see ya soon!


 June-1-2012        A day like today you my pressios Tesoro came to this world , and for more that I tried I can stop tears to come out of my eyes , because is very dificult to me , know that you are today in another place where i can not feel you ! even if you are always in my memory and my heart .  Tesoro to many thing happen after you let , I broke my relaton with Miriam , and I found some one that realy love me and care for me ! , she is a great woman Tesoro , and I know you are in haven very happy for me . Chispy is now 6 month old , and is a great bunny , when he see me craying for you he know that momi loss some one that was very special , because Tesoro you was and will be forever the best thing that ever happen to me in my live , thank you for all the love you gime ! , for your rabbit kisses and for be my baby girl ! REST IN PACE MY LOVE. 


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